Termites are known as a silent destroyer because of their ability to chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper undetected. A single termite doesn’t look harmful or dangerous however a whole colony of them can cause significant structural damage on a home in a rather short time period. These small insects cause approximately $5 billion in property damage each year.

As spring starts and the ground begins to warm up across the US, termite populations emerge in search of new structures to invade. They send out swarmer termites in search of new places to dwell, such as homes that may have sustained damage during the winter months from snow or rain. Termites have a similar appearance to winged ants or flying ants. Many home owners dismiss these small pests which can be a costly mistake. If the swarmers decide your home is their next perfect house, then the rest of the colony will follow.


Termite shelter tubes.

Termite noises and wood excavation.

Subterranean tunnels.

Piles of termite frass in or around the home.

Blowholes in trees.

Presence of wings.

Earthen packing.

Sagging floors and hollow wood.

Our elimination technique is #1 in termite protection. It was the first baiting system to eliminate termites at the source and continues to lead the way with advanced technologies and optimized service practices. Trust the scientifically designed system most proven to destroy entire colonies — queen and all. After all, it’s not your house, it’s your home. The Sentricon® System works through a unique combination of bait and behavior.


After a Certified Sentricon Specialist™ inspects your property, stations are placed around your home. Utilizing Always Active™ technology, the Recruit® HD bait is immediately available. In-ground stations have a visible service cover only opened by a special key.

Unable to molt, termites die. And when the colony dies, the queen isn’t too far behind. Like a captain going down with the ship, despite the resolve to survive, there’s just no hope.


Preferring the bait nearly 10 times more than wood, worker termites discover and quickly share their find within the colony. Once ingested, the active ingredient in Sentricon, noviflumuron, prevents termites from maturing through molting.

Imagine worry-free, 24/7 protection now and well into the future. All it takes is your original bait stations and ongoing service from a Certified Sentricon Specialist. For what it’s worth, termites prefer you opt out of this offering.

General Exterminator uses Sentricon®, the NO.1 Brand in Termite Protection