Crawlspace Encapsulation

What is crawl space encapsulation?

Short answer: crawl space encapsulation creates a strong moisture barrier that improves the air quality in your home and makes it less susceptible to pests. We use heavy-duty materials to seal your crawl space, protecting your home and the air quality within.
(Fun fact: Better air quality = better health!)

Why should I consider it?


Mold and mildew issues can be prevented when moisture under your home is controlled. If your crawl space is damp, it creates an optimal environment for fungi to grow. Mold, mildew and dampness in your crawl space can then be circulated throughout your home, especially if you’re using a central heating and cooling system with forced air.

Improved Air Quality.

Hello, allergies!

Around 60% of your home’s moisture comes from the crawl space. Keeping that area clean and dry reduces mold, wood rot, and even damage to insulation.

Let’s think about this for a moment. While you sleep, spend time watching movies on the couch, do laundry, cook, eat and live in your home, the air you breathe contains moisture. If you have a damp, dark crawl space, we’re going to bet you have allergy issues from time to time (maybe all the time).

Especially if there are tiny, microscopic mold particles contained within that moisture. Yuck!

Better Energy Efficiency.

Your heating and air conditioning system may be fighting excess moisture as it works to regulate the temperature in your home. When crawl space humidity is controlled and optimized, your unit uses less energy and you’ll see savings in your utility bills.

Bugs hate it.

By sealing out unwanted moisture, we can create an atmosphere that is much less appealing to wood-destroying pests like termites. Something else to think about: termites do not sleep.

Structural integrity.

Want your home to last? Seal out the moisture beneath it!

Over time, crawl space encapsulation is an investment that will pay for itself in energy savings, pest control savings, even home repair savings. Not to mention, improving your home’s air quality improves your health – and that’s something hard to put a price on!